Tri-Force Kids: Building A Stronger Future

Tri-Force Kids: Building A Stronger Future

Back to school means back to the grind for parents and kids alike. With a fresh start on the school year, the time is now to take advantage of a new opportunity for your child: Martial Arts.

Tri-Force MMA of Pawtucket, RI offers a mixed martial arts (MMA) program tailored to a young audience that is a multi-disciplinary sport rolled into one. Students will learn grappling from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and Judo, along with striking techniques from Muay Thai, boxing, Taekwondo and Karate. Working to build confidence, athleticism and respect, the kids’ MMA curriculum will instill core fundamentals of sportsmanship all while having fun.

Rather than a school focused on just one discipline, Tri-Force MMA offers children's classes that will combine the arts into fun and exciting classes two to three evenings per week. Classes are broken into three groups based on age: 3-6, 7-10, 10-14.

Wondering if your little one is cut of for this kind of stuff? We can assure you that kids MMA will benefit any boy or girl. Children with a more reserved demeanor will gain confidence in themselves and their physical and mental resilience. Out-going kids with lots of energy to burn will learn discipline and respect for the martial arts while having fun and working as a team.

But don’t worry, the overly sensationalized “cage fighting” that you’re thinking of is not even close to what is being offered in the dojo. Children will become students of an art that is dedicated to empowering their bodies and minds. Respect, perseverance, dedication and leadership are just a few of the many aspects of martial arts being taught at Tri-Force MMA.

Come work with the best in the area and join a team that will quickly become family. The time is now!

For more information on the program, schedules and age groups, check out the Tri-Force Kids page.

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