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Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

Are you scared of monsters? Worried about what type of beasts lurk in the night? Well don't be, I've figured out where all the monsters and beasts are. They're here, training like highly educated animals. Don't come here if you don't like becoming great at something! I started coming for just a few classes a week, and now the gym has become my second home, and its members, a second family. I've trained at other gyms, and nothing compares to the Tri-Force experience!! From the great facility, to the AMAZING coaches, this place just breeds excellence!! Get on down here and get hooked on training!

Matt Bush

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

My entire family has been training here for over a year now and we all absolutely love it. Every student, regardless of skill level, in this gym gets personal attention from the coaches. The owners have created an environment where ego driven martial artists do not thrive. This allows everyone to just relax, which creates a unique environment where we all learn from each other as well as the coaches.

My wife has enjoyed the same experience and is treated just the same as me. She's been able to train with everyone comfortably, which provides a realistic exposure to why women should learn martial arts, especially Jiu-Jitsu. She also really enjoys the all women's class on Mondays! There is a growing number of female students here, which speaks to the environment that is created by the coaches and students. I could easily see mixed gender training being awkward for women, but again my wife has not experienced that at Tri-Force. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, and size is welcomed here equally.

My son has been doing the kid's program for about six months and he really enjoys it. He's a quiet boy that isn't usually rambunctious, but this has given him confidence and I've definitely noticed him coming out of his shell around everyone both in and outside of the gym. Other kids with opposite personality types (energetic or want to be overly aggressive) learn to be humble and tend to relax within this program. It's interesting to watch each child grow during each class as polar opposites become friends and learn from one another. My daughter will start as soon as she's old enough and she already is welcome to be there and play while her brother attends class.

I could seriously write an essay long enough to be submitted for a final thesis on how great this place has been for my family. Pete, Keith, and their families have become lifelong level friends with my entire family. I can say the same for many of the members at the gym. Everyone is just very welcoming and we work together toward a shared goal even though everyone has their own unique path. Tri-Force MMA is a place that exemplifies the beauty of martial arts.

Dustin Campbell

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

I've been going to them for 5 months now, best thing I've done for my health. However, what made me stay and continue is the inspiration you feel when you're there. The coaches care and want you to do well. Love them!

Sandra Andrade

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

Testimonial From Greg Robello

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

Testimonial From Andrew George

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

Great atmosphere and great coaches who make you feel involved no matter what fitness level... Tri-Force is one of the few gyms in New England that offers it all in fitness from the beginner to the most advanced athletes or fighters...

Domenico Steve

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

This was the best choice I have made in terms of finding a place to increase my level of confidence. Without having previous knowledge, the Tri-Force family made sure I felt part of the family of warriors and hardworking individuals. Regardless of your skill level, everyone is ready to work with you and polish your ambitions and skills.

Anthony Azanon

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

Life changing gym full of the most talented fighters in New England! The coaches care and that's why Tri-Force is the most successful gym around!!!!

Travis Soulard

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

Pete Jeffrey is an amazing coach and a great guy. He's very knowledgeable of all aspects of the fight game. I would highly recommend his school to any adult or child who wants to learn Martial Arts. Not only does he have years of experience on the mats but also as a high level MMA competitor. This combo makes his program one of the best in the area.

Eric Guay

Kids Martial Arts Pawtucket

As of today I lost 30 pounds. a lot of thanks goes out to the guys at Tr-Force MMA. If you're looking to have fun and get in shape this is the place to do it. I started my work out the second week of January and have been inspired ever since. Thank you Tri-Force!

Jimmy McHale

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